Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome Change

 Welcome Sign Before.
Welcome Sign After.
I bought the pink Welcome sign pictured above to go outside on the cabinet that's on our porch. We keep our mailbox on it with a few other doodads. The sign I had out there today says Spring so it was time to put it away. Obviously, this was not an expensive sign, and since there's a chance someone could take it while we're not at home, I was going for cheap and cheerful. So I kind of tore everything off so that I could paint it. I used white and tan paints from the Dollar Store. Then I glued on some ribbon & re-glued the sparkly flower, the beehive and the leaf. I tied some raffia around the ribbon and sponged some ink on to the tulip.The flower stems had been painted with white paint so I went over them with a green marker.
The sign was $2.00 and the paint was another $2.00. I already had the ribbon and raffia. So if it disappears one day its no big deal. Hopefully the mail lady likes it!
Thanks for looking. 
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